eMedizine : October 16th 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ever experienced problem with your PC and then calling up the computer technicians to fix it up? Some simple techniques in today's issue will help you save a lot of time and money spent on the technicians. Read this week's issue and get acquainted with the tweaks to make your PC experience better. Also clear mental blocks about becoming IT savvy and see for yourself the benefits of shaking hands with technology in your practice.

I will conclude by reading the icing on the cake-Blogs section-informative blogs on healthcare and a sweet smile at the end of the issue to make your day worthwhile with Plus91's funny bone.

Enjoy this week's issue.

-Pooja Raval


Tweaks and applications to make your PC experience better!

Today a lot of Indian Doctors are waking up to using the computer, maybe to surf the net, or they own a website or better still have an EMR solution. Below are some tips to help you make your time spent on the PC better. These include some mundane ideas and thoughts and also some personal insights in what works best. So make your PC experience a good one, because it’s going to last you a life time.

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Getting IT savvy - A mental block for the Indian doctor!

The sheer number of times that I have had to actually think about refusing a client because he or she is just too uptight about makes me wonder whether doctor's are all that worried about quality.

I think a there was a wide schism between requirement and delivery in a lot of earlier versions of medical softwares in India leading to a fear amongst doctors about being taken for a ride when purchasing a new IT product. But there is a limit to which this excuse can be used to bargain or actually make a decision.

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Medical Softwares of Old: Slow to catch up

Technology infiltrated medicine a long time back. On the hardware and pharma front it was growing leaps and bounds before software even had it boots on. So why did software get left behind. Well my version of the story is that it didn’t get left behind it was just slow to learn and grow. Since the time the PC was invented and programs to go with it, something was being developed for the medical front. It began with some very specialized sections which are today well entrenched in the practice, eg. Imaging softwares for a radiologist, however the major portion was just left behind and slow to adapt.

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Why do doctors have such large egos! by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, IVF Specialist, Mumbai.

Patients ? or Paperwork ? by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, IVF Specialist, Mumbai.


"So, Doc, since my surgery’s been successful, will I be able to dance?"
"Sure you will, my son!"
"Hey, that’s great, Doc! I’ve never been able to dance before!"

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