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Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello everyone, this is Pooja Raval and I’ve invited Mr. Nrip Nihalani, who is one of the country’s top Healthcare Technology Experts to be the guest editor for eMedizine the coming 4 weeks.
--Pooja Raval


Hi everyone, Hope you all had an amazing week. My focus during the week was in demonstrating to others on how one can use Online Technologies to improve communication, efficiency and reduce friction in Patient Care and Customer Care. Consequently we would also discuss on how these lead to an eventual increase in profit. Detractors usually state that the disadvantage of this approach is the loss of personal touch. And that is a viewpoint I personally share too. But like all pain points, I believe it is important to collaborate and search out solutions.

This particular issue of eMedizine provides articles which talk about “How Online Technologies benefit Healthcare”, and “What are the reasons because of which some of these modern technologies are not being used by healthcare professionals today”. In the coming 4 weeks, we will be looking at articles with a concentrated focus on “Problems with Online Usage, How these problems are being solved and why the future in this space is exciting”. We also have a great surprise coming up for our readers in November, so keep watching this space.

Warm Regards,
Nrip Nihalani



Why don't Indian doctors use EMR?

Why do Indian doctors continue practising in exactly the same way their seniors did 40 years ago ?

A major lacuna is the poor quality of medical records which most doctors keep. The medical record is the heart of clinical care – and yet it’s extremely poorly maintained in Indian clinics today. The majority of doctors do not even bother to store and keep their patient’s medical records – they just write down their opinion on their letterhead and hand it over to the patient.

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Taking Indian Healthcare Online-Are we ready yet?

A lot of websites today claim to offer a host of services for doctors and patients online. Some of these sites are very innovative. They all looks good and give you the feeling that Indian Healthcare is definitely going in the right direction. But how effective is their approach from the business reality point of view. How much of this is going to work today and not in 3 years?

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A Clinic today-PC less and less than ideal

Often I have written about how a PC will help you manage your clinic better, focusing on what would go right is you did have a PC and software to help you manage your affairs. Maybe it’s time to look at this from the other end of the tunnel. What could go wrong if I didn’t have the PC or software! So now consider my clinic Dr. Aditya’s Specialty Clinic, let’s say its specialty is Skin treatments. And to add to this lets say I have no PC in the clinic or even an inkling of technology. Let’s see how it works?

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Why do Indian doctors provide such a poor experience for their patients? by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, IVF Specialist, Mumbai.

How MDConsult helps me to become a better doctor-Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, IVF Specialist, Mumbai.


Shortly after the 911 emergency number became available, an elderly and quite ill lady appeared in a Rochester hospital emergency room, having driven herself to the hospital and barely managing to stagger in from the parking lot.

The horrified nurse said, "Why didn’t you call the 911 number and get an ambulance?" The lady said, "My phone doesn’t have an eleven."

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From January helpline will provide information on mobile phone, website : Get your Hospital Bed Info on SMS : HT

Nrip Nihalani speaks on "Using the Internet to Create Informed Patients" at the Putting Patients First Conference in Mumbai.

Plus91 helps Google in carrying out a successful Health Speaks event in Pune.


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