eMedizine : September 13th 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."
-Lord Buddha

e-Medizine we bring to you the latest ideas successfully tranformed into actions. We ideate how technology will help both doctor and patient that are put into actions making lives better. Read along the healthcare IT news which will enhance your knowledge in the field of IT and read along the exclusive blog posts by renowned doctors all over the country!
-Pooja Raval

Improved Patient Safety Using Software

Patient Safety is a vital aspect of healthcare. With a fairly large number of indirect deaths and also potentially life threatening situations resulting directly from lack patient safety it becomes a vital cog in the healthcare machinery. Software products are introduced in any setup to increase efficiency and accuracy, both important factors when trying to improve safety.

Software features most appreciated by doctors

Plus91 is a team of very innovative people. Since the last 3 years we have tried to include, in most cases successfully and in some cases still trying to introduce game changing features into our softwares. These software products are specifically targeted at doctors and hospitals in the Indian Market. We have tried to keep a realistic outlook towards usability and need in developing these features, though some are for the pure thrill of it.

Designing Personalised Clinical Templates for the EMR

The working of a clinic can be divided into two parts. The administrative portion deals with the business part of a medical practice , such as accounting, insurance, billing , and inventory management. The scale and complexity will depend on the size of the clinic, and is much simpler for single physician clinics, as compared to group practices, for example. The other part is the clinical aspect , where the data captured is clinical in nature. Reports can be created using both these types of data.



A fat lady: (To a health expert). Give me some advice that can reduce my fatness.
Health expert: Okay. You must move your head to the right and the left at a particular time.
Fat lady: At which particular time?
Health expert: Whenever anybody asks you to eat.


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